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A Passion for Aviation

Our people share a common bond: a passion for aviation. They either had it before they set foot in our building, or they developed it as an immediate contributor to the team. We can all spot a Cessna 182 from a half-mile away, and our hearts beat a little faster with the thunderous roar of a jet engine overhead. Whether it’s an acquired taste or simply in your blood; a passion for aviation lives here.

The aviation business is a little different. This isn’t a punch-the-clock 9-to-5 job and it’s not hiding behind your desk pushing paper. This is customer-service redefined. Aviation is something most people only dream about. We live it every day. It’s in your blood and becomes a part of your soul.

Office politics, micro-managing and climbing the corporate ladder – forget it. If you want a promotion, you earn it. If you want to talk to the head honcho, you go knock on his door. Better yet, visit with him at the grill during one of our weekly summer cook-outs.

To fit in you’ll need a positive attitude, a strong work ethic with a little North Dakota Nice and an understanding of the word service. Think you have what it takes?

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