Safety and Service – Our Passions.
Having well-maintained aircraft and engines is absolutely critical. That’s why your safety is our passion. In our business, we need to be great in order to be good. Our clients depend on us for the proper maintenance of their aircraft and for absolute mechanical safety. To ensure that we're on the leading-edge of aircraft industry standards, we annually invest thousands of dollars into training.

Fargo Jet Center – recipient of the coveted FAA Diamond Award – is the largest, most skilled aircraft maintenance and repair organization in the region. We provide support and maintenance management services to more than 100 local and regional aircraft operators.

Fargo Jet Center's Maintenance Department is staffed by experienced, professional and highly-trained A&P Certified Technicians. Our maintenance managers have an individual average of 15 years or more of industry experience; it adds up to confidence. That's why 90 percent of the aircraft based at the Fargo airport rely on and trust our expertise.

You can count on our maintenance team whether you’re looking for routine maintenance, annual inspections, the latest avionics, or emergency service 24/7/365.


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Avionics Sales, Service and Installations

Our award-winning team of FCC-licensed technicians, installers, and custom design engineers provide complete factory-authorized installation service, and repair of ALL major avionics brands on virtually every airframe.

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  • Airborne Satellite Telephones
  • Audio Panels/ Intercoms
  • Autopilots
  • BOSE
  • Cabin Entertainment/ Management
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • Communications/ Navigation
  • Data-link Weather
  • ELT
  • Engine Analyzers
  • Flight Data Recorders
  • Flight Management Systems/ GPS
  • Moving Maps/ Flat Panel Displays
  • RVSM
  • Satcom
  • Special Operations
  • Weather Radar Systems