Careers - Message from Jim

I am delighted that you have chosen to learn more about the Fargo Jet Center. We have always made it a point to deliver outstanding customer service that stems from a work environment that is challenging and professionally rewarding. This has resulted in an extraordinary level of commitment and loyalty that is displayed by our employees, which in turn, has been the leading key to our phenomenal growth.

At Fargo Jet Center, our remarkable team members are our greatest asset and the cornerstone toward building our success in the future. Every team member has unique talents. It’s how we leverage those talents within the organization, which allow us to be successful. We have a constant focus on selecting talent and placing them in a position where they can utilize their strengths and do their best work; our culture and success depends on it.

There are countless reasons why people choose FJC. For many it’s simply the variety – the fact that every day brings new challenges. Others like the chance to work with the public and meet people from different areas of the world. There is also the excitement of constant change – life at an airport never stands still.

Why work at Fargo Jet Center? Ask anyone who works here and you'll get a unique list of reasons, but it's common to hear reasons such as great people, opportunities, challenging work, and individual responsibility.

Our success comes from the diverse array of talented individuals that work at the Fargo Jet Center. Our employees range from world-class aviation maintenance professionals to highly-trained commercial pilots and experts in sales, marketing, finance, communications, human resources, customer service and line services.

As you look through this website, I truly believe that you will find Fargo Jet Center an interesting and exciting place to contribute your time and talents.

Jim Sweeney, Co-Founder