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Hundreds of adventuresome men and women have earned their Private Pilot’s Certificate through the Fargo Jet Center Flight School.

As the area's only Cessna Pilot Center, we are an FAA-regulated pilot training school and airplane rental facility. No matter if you’re flying for recreation or career advancement, we’re the place for you.

  • Students learn in new-model Cessna training aircraft 
  • Cessna’s web-based instruction course allows our students to train at home at their own pace
  • Students schedule flights with an instructor using our online scheduler

Schedule a Discovery Flight with us to see what flying is all about!

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You can learn to fly at lots of airports, but Fargo’s Hector International Airport presents a fun, challenging learning experience.

We have a busy airport with a control tower operating 24 hours a day. From day one, you'll learn how to work with air traffic control and how to fit in with airline and military traffic.



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Pilot Accomplishments

Eric Smith

Eric Smith
Airline Transport Pilot


Luke Sonstegard

Luke Sonstegard
Private Pilot


Tail Wheel Endorsement

The Fargo Jet Center Flight School offers tail wheel instruction if you're interested in the logbook competency endorsement or just interested in getting some tail wheel experience.

Contact Mike Paulson at mpaulson@fargopilot.com regarding training for the tail wheel endorsement.

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